NRA Rifle Silhouette - A steel shooting sport designed for the hunter
Steel targets and one of the most challenging rifle shooting sports in the world.
Freestanding Steel Targets and a Long Range Rifle Shooting Arcade

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Metallic Silhouette Target Shooting Instructions

General Instructions for shooting NRA Smallbore Rifle Silhouette

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS for NRA Rifle Silhouette steel target shooting. Insight for the beginner on what to expect at a metallic silhouette match.

THE TECHNIQUES - Information about the posture and holding the rifle to be as stable as possible while shooting Rifle Silhouette

RIFLE SILHOUETTE TECHNIQUES Information on good posture while rifle shooting offhand. From the feet to the head and holding the rifle.

Ballistics and Scope adjustments Required while shooting NRA Rifle Silhouette

BALLISTICS Ballistics and how they relate to the scope adjustments required in an NRA Rifle Silhouette match. Details regarding the bullet path for each steel target.

Information on practice which will improve your hold and your Rifle Silhouette scores.

TRAINING TECHNIQUES for all skill levels. Tips on practicing that should improve your Rifle Silhouette scores. There are printable Targets available for download.

Advanced Training Techniques for the Experienced NRA Rifle Silhouette Shooter

ADVANCED TRAINING - Target shooting tips for the more experienced Rifle Silhouette shooter. Ways an experienced shooter can add a few more steel targets to your match scores.

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