NRA Rifle Silhouette - A steel shooting sport designed for the hunter
Steel targets and one of the most challenging rifle shooting sports in the world.
Freestanding Steel Targets and a Long Range Rifle Shooting Arcade

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Alan Kirsch vs 5 Steel Chickens at 200 meters away

From the 2005 NRA High Power Rifle Silhouette National Championships
Shooting steel Chicken targets from 200 meters or 219 yards.

This is Alan Kirsch long range rifle shooting at five metallic silhouettes of the chicken. The chickens are 13 inches from tip of the beak to tip of the tail wide. The main target zone on the Chicken target is about 5 inches high, about 5 inches wide at the bottom and 11 inches wide at the top. Anything outside of that zone might give you a lucky hit on the head, tail or leg.

One thing to note is how the chickens are slammed back. At this range the velocity of the bullet is still high. The Steel targets for the Chickens are 1/2 inch thick and fairly heavy for their size. You can see the shrapnel from the bullet creating dust around the target when it is hit.

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